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Career Sparks Profile - MaryEmily Slate

Higher Education

Name: MaryEmily Slate

Job title: Vice President & General Manager, Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc.

Education: High School Graduate

Duties: Overall safety and leadership direction as well as P&L responsibility.

Company: Nucor Steel Corporation - The Nation’s largest steel producer. Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc. is New York’s largest recycler. Nucor Steel in Auburn has been in the community for 38 years and has 312 local teammates.

Typical job titles: Electrician, Engineer, Mechanic, Production Worker.

Jobs in demand: We have a continuous need for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Average wage: Production worker compensation is $78,000.00.  We have opportunities for personal and professional growth, pay for performance opportunities and excellent benefits.  Technical professional wages are highly competitive.

Career Spark: I started out at 19 years of age as a receptionist in a steel company and worked my way up through office clerk, inside sales, outside sales, sales manager, then made the jump to operations manager and now Vice President and General Manager for Nucor Corporation- Auburn.

I love manufacturing is getting to see the fruits of your labor. At Nucor, we promote the idea that America needs to return to being a nation that makes and builds things. Nucor does this - we actually make something you can see with your eyes and feel with your hands. It is satisfying to be able to make a product that you know will be used not only in iconic projects like One World Trade Center and Yankee Stadium, but also in the house you live in or even the car you drive. Manufacturing, and specifically steel manufacturing, offers high compensation opportunities to many people with varied talents and skill levels.

I never dreamed that my first job could lead me to such a successful career. My advice: Do not take any position for granted. Work hard. Be the best at the job that you are in, and be willing to step out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge of change when opportunities arise.