Developing and retaining STEM talent in CNY for economic advancement

Teachers in the STEM Workplace

STEM is a key economic driver in New York’s technologically diverse landscape and STEM careers are growing 2.5 times faster than the non-STEM average.

STEM literacies and related critical thinking, trans-disciplinary problem-solving skills are also important in many other sectors. Yet, despite evidence that earnings for people in New York State (NYS) working in STEM careers average 93% more than the average for all workers in the state, only 72% of the NYS high school class of 2009 graduated and only 74% of graduates planned to go directly to college. Nearly 44% of students in NYS 2-year institutions and 13% in 4-year institutions take remedial coursework.

Teachers in the STEM Workplace event

Central New York educators participate in a panel session with scientists and engineers during a Teachers in the STEM Workplace event at SRC on July 1, 2015.

There is evidence that a major part of the problem lies in the fact that students do not have the information necessary to make good college and career decisions, nor do they make the connection between STEM in school and work.   This issue is amplified when a teacher does not have the context of the STEM workplace to create learning opportunities.

Teacher in the STEM Workplace is a Professional Development program of the CNY STEM Hub/PEB that increases employers capacity to strengthen the manufacturing sector and high tech companies.  This is accomplished by focusing on delivering career exploration and workforce development services that positively impact teachers and ultimately, the emerging workforce. 

Companies that have hosted teachers include:  SRC, Inc., Seneca Data, C&S Companies, Albany International, CDM, Arcadis, Raymond Corporation, National Grid, Teracai and King & King Architects

Students and Parents

Teachers visit an air traffic control tower during a Teachers in the STEM Workplace event

The Teacher-in-the-STEM-Workplace initiative will contribute to a systemic, open collaborative model that we expect will become a valuable demonstration node in NYS.

If you want more information about visiting a STEM-related workplace, please e-mail us or call Joe Vargo at 315-448-1012.

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Video Overview


This video provides an overview of the Teachers in the STEM Workplace event held at SRC on July 1, 2015.