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The following game was designed to help middle and high school students think about a future in the STEM disciplines. We surveyed 100 SRC engineers and scientists to develop these answers. Some of the answers are on the lighter side, and that's because our engineers and scientist like to have fun in the work place.

How to play:

  1. Open the PowerPoint templates below
  2. Go to presentation mode
  3. You can add team names or you can begin the game by selecting "Begin Game"
  4. Click on "Round 1" to being the game.
  5. Ask the students a question, making sure you're referencing the answer key. This key tells you what answers are covered in the PPT.
  6. If they get the answer correct, select the answer on the left side of the screen. If they scored incorrectly, click on one of the three red Xs.
  7. If the team has uncovered all of the answer, proceed to step 8. If they have uncovered all three red Xs, the opposite team has a chance to steal the points. They only need to uncover one of the concealed answers on the board.
  8. Click on the Team Name to assign points to the winning team before you uncover the rest of the board.

Spaghetti/Marshmallow Tower Challenge

The following game is designed to provide insight on what its like to work on a team project. We've designated specific jobs to participants, so the team needs to work together.

Around ten minutes into the project, constraints are introduced to show how things beyond a participants control may affect the project – similar to “real life” in engineering.

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